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Through crowdfunding, you can now directly support our activities, projects, and initiatives!

Your donation can help advance discovery and innovation, and enhance our students’ experiences. All of the featured projects are led by students. Your support will have a direct impact on their lives - and in the lives of everyone involved in their project.

Read the stories of these incredible projects and donate to follow their progress as they strive to reach their funding goals, then their research goals.

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A gift to the University of Alberta supports scholarships and bursaries for students. And faculty, staff and programs that foster creativity and discovery and make a difference in people’s lives. 

Financial resources provide the means of attracting world-class talent - researchers, teachers, and top students. Those talented people attract others. Together they solve problems, make breakthroughs, change the world. Gifts to the University of Alberta propel the institution to a whole new level. 



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